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Carpet can be very versatile

It creates a warm, homely feel but can also be very practical as a flooring option

There are endless manufacturers with variations of price, quality, materials used, style and colour

Choosing your carpet can be daunting, as there are so many options and things to consider

For expert advice, knowledge and unbeatable value, please get in touch today


London Carpet and Flooring are able to purchase large volumes of good quality clearance stock carpets. Stored in our warehouse, it can be available quickly and at greatly reduced prices, making it a great choice for landlords. Contact us now to find out more.

Important things to consider when buying carpet

  • There is no such thing as free underlay and fitting. The cost of this will be added to the an inferior carpet as a gimmick or sales technique.

  • The quality of the underlay chosen can make a big difference to the feel and long-term durability of your carpet.

  • Would you prefer natural or man-made materials?

  • Do you want environmentally friendly options?

  • Do you have any allergies to consider?

  • Where is the carpet being fitted and will the area be frequently used by pets and children?

  • How many people will be walking on your carpet daily?

  • Does it need to be cleaned easily and frequently?

  • Will you also be using other flooring options in some adjoining areas which the new carpet needs to match in depth and compliment in style?

If you love amazing value and service, please get in touch today


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